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Can Moringa Oleifera Help You Lose Weight?

Maintaining one's ideal weight is a difficult goal for many people. This goal is even more difficult for those who are overweight and need to shed extra pounds.

Everybody knows that proper exercise and a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is the key to achieving this goal. The next question would be the type of foods that one should consume. There are fruits and vegetables that can be beneficial in weight maintenance goal and one is moringa oleifera. Read the rest of this entry »

Uses of Moringa Around the House

Moringa oleifera is a useful plant; it is rich in nutritional properties and has countless health benefits. Aside from that, moringa products can also be a useful?home product. Because of its many uses, it is beneficial to keep moringa seeds oil, moringa oil, moringa powder, moringa flakes and fresh malunggay leaves around the house. It is even better if you can plant a moringa tree in your backyard. Listed below are some of the uses of moringa:

Clean?Dirty Utensils.

Need help in washing the dishes?? Crushed moringa leaves can make the task of washing dirty utensils easier. It is said that Nigerians use moringa leaves in cleaning utensils.

Homemade Dye.

If you need a dye, you can use the wood from a moringa tree because it yields a blue dye. This is said to be done by people in Jamaica and Senegal.

Lubricate Machines

Need oil to make prevent your machines from rusting? You can try ?moringa seed oil as an alternative for lubricating your machines.

Cook Healthier Food.

Instead of the cooking with the usual oil, you can your food healthier by using moringa oil instead. Moringa oil does not spoil so it can also be used as a preservative.

Water Purifier.

Crushed moringa seeds or moringa seed powder have the ability to purify water by decreasing the bacterial concentration and making it safe for consumption.

Feed for Livestock.

For those who raise goats, pigs, chickens or other livestock at home, the leaves and stems of moringa can be used as an excellent feed.


Can you share other ways on how to use moringa? Please share by leaving a comment below.

Moringa Can Help Prevent Liver Failure

One of the most hardworking and important organs of the human body is the liver. Its many duties include purifying our blood of toxins and producing essential proteins and chemicals that are needed for proper digestion. Some important hormones are also produced by the liver and this is where glycogen - our source of energy are stored.

Though liver serves a lot of functions, it can easily be attacked by a number of factors that can cause it to weaken or be damaged. These are some of the factors that can contribute to liver failure: too much consumption of alcoholic beverages, presence of toxins that can be caused by environmental pollutions, viral infections and toxins in the body brought about by food or medicines we consumed.

The good news is that there is a natural method that one can do to avoid liver damage and that is by using moringa oleifera.

How Can Moringa Keep the Liver Healthy

Read the rest of this entry »

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